Capitol Update

Capitol Update

In the past couple of weeks we have had a number of successful hearings on our priority issues and also a few key votes taken. Please see updates below:


Priority Issues

  • Cultural Competency HB 2864

    • Hearing was held March 2nd, work session to be scheduled soon

    • Mariana (LCC), Brent (PSU), Luke (OSU) and Devon (PSU) were all able to testify.

  • End Profiling HB 2355

    • Hearing held on March 6th

    • Mariana (LCC) Maria (UO) and (Corrina) were all able to testify.

  • Survivor Amnesty SB 762

    • Hearing held March 2nd

    • Tabitha (OSU) and Jacqueline (OSU) were able┬áto testify.

  • Ethnic Studies HB 2845

    • Hearing date March 15 (tentative)

    • Currently asking organizations to sign on and support the bill

  • Mental Health Taskforce SB 231

    • Hearing held March 1st, Work session to be scheduled soon.

    • Lina (LBCC), Candaylynn(OSU), Dan (LCC), Samantha (LCC), Ryan (LCC)

  • Gender and Name Change Documentation HB 2673

    • Work session held March 6th

    • Passed out of committee with a 6-3 vote

  • Other Policy highlights

    • Hearing for the Student Fee Autonomy for Community Colleges was held March 2nd

      • Candalynn (OSU), Cody (PCC), Brent (PSU) and Alex (LCC) were able to testify

    • Stable Homes Hearing was held March 2nd

      • Rico (LCC) and Scott (LBCC) were able to testify.

    • Hearing for Universal Credit Transfer hearing was held Feb. 28th

      • Gus (LCC) was able to testify


Ways and Means Roadshows

  • Eugene

    • Rachel (OSU), Robert (OSU), Imani (UO) and Daniel (UO) were able to testify. There were about 15 students there.


Upcoming Key Dates


  • Ethnic Studies Hearing – March 15th

  • Sensible Tuition Caps Hearing – March 14th
  • Work Session on SB 231 – March 8th (Tentitive)

Credit for Prior Learning committee

The HECC is still looking for a student to sit on this committee. Please email me at [email protected] if you are interested.