How to Get Involved

Attend a Conference!

Come to one of OSA’s empowering student leadership conferences in the school year!

Oregon Students of Color Conference

OSERA Symposium 

Host a Training!

OSA offers training’s for your organization from professional staff. Training’s include fundraising, recruitment, campaign skills and many more! Reach out to your campus organizer or field staff to request a training. 

Join the Work!

Connect to an OSA campaign and get involved in the on-the-ground, grassroots efforts OSA is doing to make Oregon higher education more accessible & affordable! Reach out to your campus organizer or field staff to get involved with the work. 

Share on Social Media!

 Follow us and share with your followers your support for OSA’s campaigns!


Got no time, but a little money? Donations to the Oregon Student Foundation are tax-deductible and help fund our leadership development conferences! Click here to donate.