The Oregon Student Association is a membership organization, meaning it principally serves and is governed by its member campuses. OSA currently has five members: Portland State University, University of Oregon, Central Oregon Community College, Lane Community College, and Western Oregon University.

Membership Benefits

  • Seats on the governing boards of OSA which direct the organization
  • Access to the OSA issue survey which determines OSA’s legislative priorities
  • Regular staff visits to campus
  • Free trainings from our staff on advocacy, campaign planning, organizing, and organization building
  • Reduced registration costs for OSA conferences
  • Legislative Briefings & Trainings from our legislative director
  • Professional staff support on local issue campaigns & events

Membership Responsibilities

  • Attending all Board of Directors meetings and ensuring all board seats are filled
  • Paying membership dues – currently $1.39/student/term
  • Participating in the campaigns chosen by OSA’s issue choosing process
  • Helping to write in OSA’s budget in board meetings & defending it on your campus

Click Here to view a copy of OSA’s Bylaws.

For info on how to become a member, please contact:

Andrew Rogers, OSA Executive Director

andrew [at]; c:(541) 292-3870