Survey Campaign

What is the Survey Campaign?

The Oregon Student Association takes choosing its issues very seriously. OSA goes through a rigorous, year-long process to vet the campaign issues it works on. Every time a full session of the state legislature ends, it’s time to re-evaluate our issues. Over the summer, member students research issues for presentation at the OSA retreat in August. Any student from a member school may propose, debate, and vote on these proposals. Out of many proposals, ten are selected by the member students at the retreat. The OSA student leadership (through its 3 elected boards) formulates a survey to be distributed to all students on member campuses. For the entirety of the fall term, member campuses promote participation in the survey, ensuring at least a statistically significant sample at each member school. At the conclusion of surveying, OSA staff does research on the policy implications and feasibility of each campaign proposal and on the in-depth information on the survey results. With this information in hand, the OSA student leadership selects its issues for the coming year.

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