Unite The Vote

Unite The Vote was created in 2006 by the Oregon Students of Color Coalition (O-Sock!) and OSERA to make sure that traditionally marginalized communities were engaged in the electoral process. . The UTV program has allowed for students to demonstrate how the legislature, elected officials, bills, laws etc. do not always reflect the needs of communities of color and LGBTQ communities. We’ve seen how ballot measures have greatly impacted marginalized communities. The UTV program has allowed for us to engage these communities to organize and use their electoral power. This curriculum is a vital part of the Oregon Student Association’s VoteORVote program. UTV focuses on community needs and draws from experiences when engaging students in the three phase voter registration campaign: Registration, Education and Get Out the Vote efforts. The UTV program has  engaged with these communities in a specific way that addresses the issues impacting them. OSCC & OSERA board members have  directed the UTV program. UTV has become a priority for OSA when registering students to vote. The organization is committed to ensuring that it’s outreaching to folks most affected by our issues.

Voting Access Resources